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Their testing and methodical approach not only protected my familys health, but our financial investment. Edward, Newport Beach, CA.

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Orange Coast Inspection is Southern California's Premier Inspection firm -

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As a legal professional, I was skeptical; But Dave went over and above the call of duty to assist our mold project. Robert, Irvine, CA.

David's qualifications and extremely professional service was reassuring to our staff. Nancy, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

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Orange Coast Inspection is the "expert resource" that my clients and I trust, depend on, and recommend without hesitation! Vicki, Lake Forest, CA.

Orange Coast Inspection, specializes in Pre-Purchase Inspections -

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That is the most thorough inspection I have ever been through. Gary, Redondo Beach, CA .

Now we breathe easy. Our grandchildren stay with us and we dont worry about their safety in our home. Joan, Chula Vista, CA .

rental property inspections

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